Life of our CORE Placer Families

Thank you to the families who attended our Nature Walk/ Hike at the Cameron Park Lake field trip! Our students met at Cameron Park Lake and discussed how we can use our senses to explore the world around us.
We talked about staying safe (not tasting things without permission) and staying close to our adults as we explore.
We hiked around the lake exploring natural items we found: lots of different types of seeds, leaves turning colors, interesting rocks and trees, etc.
We ate picnic lunches, used the natural treasures we found to add to our nature journals, and read stories! 🍁 📓 🐦 🌳 🐜 🐛 🕷 

Cameron Park Field Trip


During the September Biology Class, the students examined the different aspects of living and nonliving things. They identified different biotic creatures in pond water including photosynthetic, Protozoic, Animalia. They investigated the characteristics and behaviors displayed by a living Pill Bug. They built 3 dimensional models of organic molecules learning some of the properties of these elements that are essential to life.

Biology Lab_September PIc

Our TK/K class at the Colfax Resource Center is practicing their listening and reading skills by playing go fish! #coreplacer #welovecoreplacer #colfax#gofish #listening #reading #learning #personalizedlearning#independentstudy #parentchoice #fun #funwhilelearning

Colfax Resource Center_Rose Wood_Go Fish

What a great Park Day yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came out! We are so lucky to have awesome families, staff and potential new families! 🎉🎉🌸☀️💕 #coreplacer #welovecoreplacer #parkdaysuccess #success#funday #funinthesun #beautifulday #promontory #parentchoice#personalizedlearning #independentstudy #homeschool #enrollnow

Park Day_Promontory

Check out what our CORE Placer Families/Staff did during the 2017-2018 School Year! 

Congratulations to our 8th Grade and High School Students for Graduation on May 24th!

8th Grade Graduation

HS Graduation


Thank you to all of our families for attending the CORE Placer end of the year celebration at Sunsplash! What a beautiful day and a great time!

Sunsplash Celebration
Teacher Appreciation Day Luncheon! Thank you Noodles & Company for catering!

Teacher Appreciation_Catering

Celebrating the last day of Elementary Center classes at the Colfax Resource Center with our staff, students and parents!

Donut Celebration

A Couple of our students took a trip to California Science Academy!

Luckman_California Science Academy Pic

Our 3/4th Grade Class went on a field trip which included a visit to the shadow wall on Auburn Street in Colfax where we met with the artists, Jim Bowers and Foxy and learned about shadow painting as well as some rich California history.

Mrs. Young’s 3rd/4th grade class visited Blondies Yogurt in Colfax as a follow up to their study of simple machines.  Zoe and Ada, helped us reinforce simple machines by taking apart a yogurt machine!

Yogurt Pic

What an awesome day for a Sierra at Tahoe Field Trip! Thank you to all of our families for coming and thank you to @sierra_at_tahoe for having us!

Sierra at Tahoe Trip_February 12th

Thank you to all of our families who came out to Family Fun at Skatetown today! And a big thank you to @skatetownice for having us!


CORE Placer Students, Staff and Parents had an awesome time today at Where in the World Animal Show! We learned about tarantulas, Geicos, Lizards, snakes, frogs and more! We had them hang out on our heads, necks and shoulders! What an awesome time. Thank you to all of our families who came and participated and a big thank you to Amazing Animal World for bringing us these cool animals to meet!

Amazing Animal World_Pictures

Our students in biology lab last Thursday! learning about and looking at pollen under a microscope!

Biology Pics_Pollen Lab


Thank you to all of our families who attended the Sierra at Tahoe Field Trip last Friday! Perfect day and perfect weather! Also a great big thank you to @sierra_at_tahoe for having us!

Sierra at Tahoe Trip_Jan. 19th

Some of our CORE Placer students have been working hard with our photography Vendor, Rebecca Nagy. What great photos

Photography students picturesPhotography students pictures

Thank you to all of our families who came out to the Sunset Ridge Mandarin Farm on December 18th! What a great Field Trip! Our students learned about organic farming and what it involves! They were also able to pick their own mandarins and take them home

Madarin Social Media Pic


Our Students at IFLY!


Mrs. Wood Reading to her class in PJs.JPG

Our 7th-12th Grade Harvest Moon Dance was a success! Thank you to all who came out and danced the night away!

Harvest Moon Dance_Picture


 Our students went to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery on November 9th and learned the life cycle and ecological role of the salmon as well as their work at the Hatchery to raise and release them!

Fish Hatcher Field Trip_1

Our Students building Lego Duck Hunts in the IntelliBricks class!

IntelliBricks Class_pics luckman

Family Fun with CORE at Monster Mini Golf was a great time! Thank you to all those who attended and thank you to Monster Mini Golf for having us!

Monster Mini Golf_PIcs


Our Lake Tahoe Families at Corley Ranch in Gardnerville, Nevada! They learned all about how to grow squash, went through a corn maze, Hay maze, and more!

Corley Ranch_Tahoe

CORE Placer Students took a Field Trip to Zittel Fall Farm!

ZIttel Farms Pic

Our CORE Placer Students during our PE days that we host at Benham Park in Placerville!

Pe Days Pic

Thank you to all of our families who came out for our Family Fun with CORE at Tahoe Bowl on Friday, October 20th!

Tahoe Bowling

So many of our families and community came out to CORE Placer’s Harvest Festival held on Wednesday, October 18th! There were games, raffles, face painting, photo booth, food, live music, and more! Thank you to all those that made our Harvest Festival happen!

Harvest Festival Pics 3


This month a couple of CORE students in Folsom studied texture and emotion through art.  Here students have used their own creativity to recreate the styles of Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh.

Our Students at the Colfax Resource Center were doing Acid/Base Experiments in Biology!

Biolody Acid Experiment


Thank you IntelliBricks for coming out today and giving our students a FREE demo! Students built Catapults, Lego Fidget Spinners and Tops!

 #coreplacer#welovecoreplacer #intellibricks #personalizedlearning #parentchoice

IntelliBricks_9.29 Demo Pics

Our 1st K-6th Grade Sock Hop was a success! There were games, dancing, dessert and fun! #sockhop #welovecoreplacer

sock hop dance

Our Elementary Leadership getting ready for the Sock Hop Dance!

Dance sock hop

Elementary CORE Virtue Assembly at the Colfax Resource Center. Learning all about Respect.

Assembly CORE Virtue Respect

Students Learning to use their cameras in their Photography Class at the Colfax Resource Center

Photography class

STEAM Class at the Colfax Resource Center learning about aeronautics!


At the Colfax Resource Center our 2nd graders built structures with marshmallows, apples and toothpicks. Stella is working with pattern blocks and learning about Geometry.

Our CORE Placer Students at the Colfax Resource Center in Biology working with Microscopes.

Biology Lab Pic

A couple of our CORE Placer Students at the Colfax Resource Center working on Chemistry!

Chemistry Lab Pics

Our 2017-18 Elementary Leadership Team!

Leadership Team Elementary

7th-12th Grade “Disco in the Stars” Dance was a success!

Dance for website


Our Students at the Colfax Resource Center were stepping on eggs!

It’s a very eggciting eggsperiment.

The purpose is to introduce the scientific method in a fun way. It’s not attached to any messages on engineering or biology,  just method.

The question: Will an egg in its carton break if it is stepped on gently?

Background: we discuss what we already know about eggs and their structure.

Hypothesis: students make an educated guess.

Results: Students write their observations and attempt to answer WHY the eggs didn’t break. Other factors. Maybe they were boiled (no). Maybe Leah isn’t heavy enough (no, because Mrs Mitchell didn’t break them either). Maybe the carton protects them  (yes,  upright eggs break less often than eggs lying down).

What next? Here’s the critical thinking portion… they must think of how their learned knowledge is useful.

Eggshell Challenge pic


Our Family Fun Night with CORE at Roller King was a hit! We were able to get to know each other better, meet new/current families, and skated the night away!

Roller King_Pics


Our students in the South Lake Tahoe area took a trip together to the Tahoe Enviromental Research Center in Incline Village. It lasted 4 hours with students from UC Davis doing the lessons. They learned how to do stream monitoring, watershed, how Tahoe was formed, and watched a 3D Movie! What a wonderful experience for our students!

#coreplacer #welovecoreplacer #southlaketahoe #parentchoice

South Lake Tahoe Trip


A successful night at A Brighter Child! Thank you to all of our families and staff that came out and to A Brighter Child for hosting us!

A Brighter Child_Pics