Enrollment Information

CORE Placer Enrollment is not completed until you have completed REG Online, your family has been assigned a Personalized Learning Teacher & you have signed the Master Agreement. Please keep in mind that your enrollment may be delayed depending on teacher availability.

About CORE Placer Charter School:

We are a TK-12th Grade Personalized Learning Public Charter School. We value parent choice in designing a personalized learning plan for your child, to meet their unique needs and match their learning style. We allow flexibility in your student’s education, all while guiding them in the right direction to be successful. You are the at home teacher! You can choose to do complete Independent Study/Home School or attend Labs at our Colfax Resource Center! We also have a large list of approved vendors in the counties that we serve, that is always growing as we add new vendors.

Personalized Learning Teacher:

When enrolling with CORE Placer, you will be assigned a Personalized Learning Teacher (PLT). Your PLT will support you through your journey at CORE Placer. You will be able to work with your PLT to decide how their Educational Units/Instructional Funding will be spent in developing your child’s educational plan. Your PLT will assist you with choosing curriculum, and/or vendor classes, and be there to answer your questions/concerns. You will meet with your PLT at the end of each learning period (about once a month) to have a learning record meeting. Your PLT will review your student’s body of work to document their new learning, verify attendance and collect student work samples.


We have hundreds of approved vendors for you to choose from! We have Service Vendors (karate, music lessons, dance studios, gymnastics, tutors, horseback riding, gyms, etc.), Product Vendors (Curriculum, Science Kits, Laptops, School Supplies, etc.), Online Courses, Subscription Vendors, and Field Trip Vendors!

Educational Units/Instructional Funds:

Money is allotted upon enrollment for each student’s individual learning plan, based on the school’s prorated enrollment funding calendar. The parent and PLT will work together to create the best educational plan for your student.

*EUs/IF may only be used for educational purposes for the enrolled student.


CORE Placer organizes Events throughout the year that you and your family can attend! We have Family Fun Nights, Field Trips, Dances, Harvest Festivals, etc. All events will be posted on our Communication system called Parent Square (You will receive access once you are officially enrolled).

CORE Placer Colfax Resource Center (Optional)

We have a Resource Center in Colfax. Educational Units/Instructional Funding may be used to attend Labs at our Resource Center. This is completely optional if you would like to use our center. The Resource Center is to support what your student is learning at home.

Kindergarten-6th Grade: Monday/Wednesdays 9am-2pm

  • Kindergarten-6th Grade students work with a teacher doing different labs throughout the day.

7th-12th Grade: Tuesday/Thursdays 9am-2:30pm

  • In our Colfax Resource Center, students in grades 7-12, who are scoring below proficient in Math and in Writing, will sign up for courses/interventions using the Acellus curriculum. Students may also sign up for two additional courses (for a total of four courses.)  Math and Writing tutors will also be available in our center. For those not needing the extra intervention support in Math and English, you can choose other courses to meet your needs for this semester.

Free Lending Library:

We have a free lending library that you can come in and check out curriculum. The Lending Library is located at the Colfax Resource Center.

High School:

In addition to your assigned PLT we have a Guidance Counselor available to assist in High School Planning, CTE Programs, College/Career Preparations, work permits, transcripts support, etc. 

Parents can determine if they are prepared to partake in the Personalized Learning Program offered by CORE Placer by reflecting upon the following questions:

  1. What do you see as your responsibilities as the primary director of your child’s education?
  2. Who will monitor your child’s education activities during school hours?
  3. Do you feel that your skills are strong enough to support your child’s academics?
  4. Think about a typical day in home-based education and Personalized Learning for you and your child.
  5. How will your child respond to you as the primary director of their education?
  6. What resources do you bring to your child (time, talent, materials) that you have used successfully in the past?
  7. What are your expectations regarding home-based education and Personalized Learning?
  8. How does your child feel about participating in home-based education and Personalized Learning?
  9. What are your educational and personal goals for your child? What are your child’s goals?
  10. What supported or hindered your child from reaching these goals in his/her previous school?
  11. If your child did not reach his or her goals in the previous school, what leads you to believe that Personalized Learning will enable your child to overcome the previous difficulties?
  12. Is your child able to work independently with limited supervision by a certificated teacher?
  13. How will your child socialize with peers if he/she is enrolled in Personalized Learning?


Thank you for your interest with C.O.R.E Placer Charter School!