CPCS Charter Board

The Charter Governing Board

The Charter Governing Board meets on a regular basis in order to develop policies, approve the budget and assist in making major governance decisions regarding the school operations. CORE Placer Charter School, Inc. is comprised of community members and parent members.

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C.O.R.E Placer, Inc. Board Members:

Noah Mackenroth-Board President & Community Member

Born to a rather unconventional family in Boulder, Colorado, Noah Mackenroth has pursued knowledge, quality, and truth from his earliest days. By the time he was 4 years old he learned how to shoot guns and drive a race-prepared snowmobile, and by the time he was 14 he was a master model-maker, motorcycle mechanic and a glider pilot who occasionally worked with rattlesnakes and other exotic reptiles at the University of Colorado.

While attending CSU Sacramento, Mr. Mackenroth began restoring high-grade watches in his spare time, and after graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Mr. Mackenroth moved to Neuchatel, Switzerland where he studied watchmaking at the prestigious Centre de Perfectionnement Horloger on a scholarship by the leading Swiss watch manufacturers. He is a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker – and also a factory-trained Mercedes-Benz automobile mechanic. Upon becoming a husband and father, however, Mr. Mackenroth embarked upon his highest professional calling to date: To assist in the formation of future citizens as an educator and mentor.

Having taught in both upscale schools and also in the “ghetto”, Mr. Mackenroth fought for educational reform as a teacher, administrator, co-founder and Board Member in a variety of charter schools in California. During this time he became a former politician, a lobbyist, and Show Producer for a national radio network where he serves as an expert in educational and cultural issues. Mr. Mackenroth feels that today’s children are blessed with tremendous opportunities at C.O.R.E. Placer Charter School, and is honored to assist each and every child in becoming the best they can possibly be.


Patty Schreiter- Board Member & Parent Member

Melissa Knudsen- Board Member & Parent Member

Jes Vargas– Board Member & Parent Member